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This is the home of I Can't Help Where My Mind Goes

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If you are joining me from Facebook, this is where we left off.​​

​I have always had crazy stories to tell and even better ones

left knocking around in my head.

My hope is to get them down into a readable form.

The dream is to get them into a book form, but let's not get crazy just yet.​

I Can't Help Where Mind My Goes
The Official Web page and Blog of 
Nikki Lynn Vale
Easily Distracted by Shiny Things

 I  was always easily distracted by my imagination. My life with my large and just a bit crazy family, kept me on my toes growing up,

but even that did not prepare me for marriage, children and the suburbs.


I landed in a fairy tale place. The land of upwardly mobile professionals,

stay-at-moms, welcoming committees, the PTA and over-indulged kids.

The front doors were wide open, the dogs played in invisible fences and children gathered in cul-de-sacs. We were prideful and expected only the best out of ourselves and our neighbors. It was the perfect place to live and raise a family.

I found out that things were not always as neat, tidy and proper as they seemed.

Now I know the secrets and who has them.