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These are just a couple of the products I actually use and enjoy.

These are my experiences and I can't promise the same results. but I am very pleased with mine.

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ZEN28 & AM PM have helped me feel physically better than I have in years. For me I just was out a rhythm. My job was stressful and wasn't able to sit down and eat meals. I would come late home ravenous. Then I would be so stuffed I'd get the acid back up when I finally made it to bed.









Zen28 got me on a regular food schedule. Gave me options for quick meals and meal supplements when it was just impossible to stay on a schedule. I even lost some weight and my clothes were better fitting.

After the 28 days on Zen28, I use the Zen Fuze Chocolate & Zen Fuse Vanilla  for an easy meal replacement when time is an issue. There are thousands of protein shakes out there, this one has great taste, mixes easily and high in protein.








I have struggled with sleep issues for years. I tried one over the counter, natural oil and sleep inducing exercise after another, until I ended up on a prescription medication just to get some relief. After growing concerns of the possibility of long term damage, 

I became once sleepless again. Then a friend recommended AM&PM.

The first 30 days game with the Zen28 program. It took almost 30 days for me to see the first results, but it was well worth it. Now I just purchase the AM&PM on their own


         AM&PM Combination has replaced most of my supplements. Not only am I sleeping, but I have eliminated all the other single doses of pro-biotic, vitamins, mineral, supplements.

Saving me time,

because I am not counting

out caplets every morning

and every night.

Saving me money,

because I am not buying

single bottles of everything.

Saving me space, because I only have

two bottles in the cabinet now.

Not sure if its the sleep or the extra vitamins or both,  

but since I have been taking

AM&PM regularly.

I genuinely feel better, an all around better. 

Instant AgelessI love this. It's not a miracle cure. It is not a permanent solution, but t is a great tool to have in your kit. Up late the night before an important day and you don't want to look like you are wearing the night before? This is the perfect solution.

For better skin everyday 

I would highly recommend Luminesce Skin Care Line

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Luminesece has a large range of products. I don't use all of them, but the ones I do, I absolutely love!

I have them listed here for easy reference

Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex

Their make up line is great too!

This is the one I use

NV Everyday Beauty Essentials Package-Cool Ivory